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well-informed people are considering chevy malibu.
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are you a cop? no. you didn't hear it from me, but this malibu, it offers better highway mileage than a comparable camry or accord. estimated 33 highway. i saw that on the epa site. so how come the malibu costs so little. it's a chevy. you have cop hair. now during the chevy red tag event, get an '09 malibu with o percent apr for 72 months. see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer.
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my nose and right around here. (announcer) want to give afrin a try? yeah. it cleared up right away. i can breathe. (announcer) so where would you rate it? 99.9. (announcer) afrin. why suffer? trying to be good to your heart? so is campbell's healthy request soup. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium, and taste you'll love. guy: mmmm! chef: we're kind of excited about it. announcer: campbell's healthy request.
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the top ten political events of the decade. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. happy holidays and welcome to a special year end edition of "hardball." everybody loves lists, the best, biggest, smallest. today we have a show that we hope you'll have as much fun watching as we've had putting together, the top ten political stories of the decade. obviously there was a lot to choose from. we polled correspondents, "hardball" producers that named dozens of stories they thought should be on the list. they made choices. as the sports networks would put it, this list is designed to
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start arguments not to end them. here with me for the whole hour nbc political director and white house correspondent chuck todd, andrea mitchell host of "andrea mitchell reports" and "washington post" pulitzer prize winning columnist eugene robinson, also an msnbc analyst. let's get started. number ten, starting from the bottom, all the sex scandals. >> over the course of my public life, i've insisted people regardless of their position or power take responsibility for their conduct. i can and will ask no less of myself. for this reason, i am resigning from the office of governor. >> edward, sanford, ensign, spitzer we just saw, mcgreevey

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